Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Girl On The Train

As promised, I'm going to write a little post about the novel I've recenly finished. To be honest  I wasn't too excited about starting it. I was hearing about The Girl On The Train from every corner of my social media, so I had to read it since it has such a positive feedback from Stephen King, my personal kind of guru, and I simply hate being an outsider when it comes to books.
A few words about the plot: at first The Girl On The Train seems to be a typical detective story when this girl disappers and that girl decides to play the role of Sherlock + we have some police officers who can't do anything worthier than interrogation and filling the report, and a few more characters that seem to have nothing to do with the story. This is what the novel looks like to those who only value a story for its plot.
Lost ambitions, domestic mental and physical abuse, fear, jealousy, unplanned pregnancy, child loss, betrayal, addictions, mental issues, lies, rivalsip and friendsip between women are the things what this story is really about. The Girl On The Train is full of skeletons in the closet  and unexpected turns for its readers. For those who's still not sure whether to read this novel or not, I want to list a couple of reasons to do it immediately:
  • The Girl On The Train will keep you thrilled untill the very end. It's one of that books you want to finish overnight;
  • The story is telled from a perspective of 3 absolutely different female characters that seem to have nothing in common, which I find pretty interesting and life-like;
  • You won't find any cliche characters. Paula Hawkins did a great job creating her babies extremely realistic;
  • The novel should be educational to every woman who've read it, regardless of age and race. There are some situations that could happen to any of us, and the heroins show how to possibly deal with them;
  • The Girl On The Train will make your lazy brain work in order to find the guilty bastard (oops, a spoiler) faster than Paula Hawkins points a finger at him.
This was my Girl On The Train experience. Not the best thing I've read but definitely worth all the awards it was given. I personally recommend this novel to every woman who's dealing with any sort of personality crysis or any man who wants to educate himself and understand how they, men, affect us, and why do we, girls, do the things that we do. 

P,S. As far as I remember, there's a movie based on the novel. Enjoy! 

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